Diesel Pushers

Diesel Pusher

We are one of a very few shops who work on “Diesel Pushers”. We work on all chassis and motor platforms including: Freightliner, Spartan, Workhorse to name a few. We have invested a large amount of money and time on equipment and training to provide you with quality service of your “Diesel Pusher”. 

Our shop was specifically built to accommodate these large units. We have 14ft doors and unusually large bays to allow us to work on large motor homes. We have the latest computer diagnostic equipment and software to diagnose these complex powertrain systems. We provide all regular maintenance services, including air brake service which is often overlooked. 

We pride ourselves on keeping your coach clean. You have made an extremely large investment in your coach and we respect that. We realize it isn’t simply a vehicle but also your home and we will treat it with respect and care.

A NOTE ON AIR BRAKE SERVICE: As previously stated, this is often over looked. You would be amazed how many coaches we see that are several years old and have never had an air brake service. Most manufactures recommend the system be serviced a minimum of every 24 months regardless of mileage. The air brake system will draw moisture even if the coach is sitting for long periods. Climate also plays a part in the amount of moisture drawn into the system. Areas where the temperature varies greatly between night and daytime are more prone to condense water in the system. The air brake system has many parts which need regular inspection and service. These include the air drier cartridge, purge valve assembly, s-cams and slack adjusters to name just a few. Regular competent inspection and maintenance of these parts is critical to safe operation of your coach.